What is Godfactor?

Godfactor is the speaking, writing and leadership replication ministry of Pastor and Bible expositor, Michael Anthony. Godfactor is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry. Mike is an award-winning communicator, the Founder and President of Godfactor, and the Lead Pastor of Grace Fellowship, in York, Pennsylvania. Mike’s ministry focuses on solid Bible teaching, spiritual growth, leadership and current events.

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Why Didn’t Jesus RUN? -

Escape was within reach. Why didn't Jesus RUN? We have two free, sharable resources for Good Friday and Easter. They are a sampling of some of the new, free resources we're beginning to churn out through Godfactor. Watch Why Didn't Jesus RUN? by clicking here. Or, watch it and other videos on the go with our free Godfactor App. (Get the app in your iTunes or Google App store.) Read The Physical Death of Jesus Christ, here With the Godfactor App, you can also enjoy more three minute videos - and forward them to friends: Enjoying Jesus. Understand how enjoying Jesus is where life starts. God's Calling On Your Life. God has plans for you. Embrace it. Live it. Did Jesus Call You To Do It? Many "voices" may be calling you, pulling you, distracting you. Only One voice is important. Our True Revival series shot on location…

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