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Attached to Jesus - Michael Anthony Godfactor blog, Godfactor.com

Attached to Jesus

Michael Anthony | March 28th, 2017 | Blog, Leadership, Personal Growth

WHY IS OUR EXPERIENCE OF JESUS, AND CHURCH, SO DIFFERENT FROM WHAT WE TYPICALLY SEE IN THE BIBLE? Take, for instance, the second chapter of Acts. Today, it seems like the best we can do is market a biblical brand of Jesus and Christianity – but when it comes to making good on the promise, […]

KISS - Michael Anthony Blog, Godfactor.com

Why I Went to See KISS

Michael Anthony | March 24th, 2017 | Blog, Leadership, Personal Growth

IF THE TITLE OF THIS POST CAUGHT YOUR EYE, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO SEE — BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU MAY NOT HAVE A SERIOUS VISION PROBLEM.  I was there, in Portland, Oregon, for the “farewell tour” of the (in)famous rock band, KISS.[1] If you’ve never seen KISS, and you claim to be a […]

Do This And You’ll Be Free

Michael Anthony | March 16th, 2017 | Blog, Personal Growth, Relationships

When God is silent, it is only because He is preparing to say something significant. In other words, the silence of God is the silver platter upon which the golden apple will be set. Never, therefore, belittle the silence of God. The Master, even in silence, speaks.

Your marriage isn't what you think it's about

IF YOU THINK YOUR MARRIAGE IS ABOUT BEING FAITHFUL TO YOUR SPOUSE, YOU’RE WRONG. The longer you’re married, the greater the chances are that you will drift from understanding what your marriage is really about. This is counter intuitive, because one would think that as time passes, the more we would realize the number one […]

Walk with God

IF YOU WALK WITH GOD TODAY, YOU WON’T FIND YOURSELF RUNNING FROM HIM LATER. Never was a nail more squarely hit on the head than the one John Bunyan nailed when he said, “This book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this book.” He was speaking about the Bible. What […]