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Is it just me, or does it seem like America has become a massive middle school of children without manners? No one seems to be able to have a civil discussion anymore unless everyone agrees on every point. Gone are the days of diplomatic disagreement – and it’s killing us. When people don’t get their […]

An Open Letter To My Sons

Michael Anthony | May 12th, 2017 | Blog, Leadership, Personal Growth

JUST OVER EIGHT YEARS AGO, AN X-RAY TECHNICIAN POINTED TO THE LARGE SHADOW THAT I THOUGHT WAS MY HEART. The softball-size mass was wrapped around my superior vena cava, choking off the flow of blood and oxygen throughout my body. My entire left arm and hand was 20% larger, spongy, and pale-blue, thanks to a […]

COURAGE IS HARD TO FIND THESE DAYS. AT LEAST IN THE REAL WORLD. It’s easy to find heroes and underdogs in movies and books, but try to find it in real life – in our own lives – and it becomes evident that fear is winning the day. What America needs is a resurrection of […]

I WAS INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE for yesterday’s Rose Garden ceremony to celebrate the National Day of Prayer. I did what I think you would have done if you were invited. I accepted and attended — and was blown away.* Prepared for the occasion, I drafted two letters – one for President Trump and […]

I RECENTLY READ AN ARTICLE THAT TRIED TO MAKE THE CASE THAT A COUPLE CAN BENEFIT FROM WATCHING PORN TOGETHER. With the growing acceptance of porn in the mainstream, more and more couples are turning to it to try and heat up their frigid bedrooms. But is it true? Is porn good for your relationship? […]

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Do the Gospels Really Differ?

The following is an outstanding resource on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, by Tim Chaffey. His work is sure to build your faith, and perhaps the faith of someone you know . . . Christ’s Resurrection — Four Accounts, One Reality by Tim Chaffey on April 5, 2015 Audio Version Christ’s Resurrection […]

Jesus Christ: The Crown of Thorns Was More Like a Helmet Than a Ring - Michael Anthony Godfactor blog

When we think of Good Friday and what Jesus endured on the cross, many of us envision a ring of thorns wrapped around the sides of Jesus’ head. Movies and television almost universally depict the crown that way. Historically, however, that depiction may be inaccurate. The crown of thorns Jesus wore may have looked more […]