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Podcast: That’s The Point!

What’s the point of the Bible – and who was Jesus Christ? There are many ways to read the Bible, and many opinions about Jesus – but you and I need to cut through the clutter and get to the point. I think this podcast will help you appreciate Jesus Christ – and the Bible – much, much more.
It’s message 87 in our Life of Christ series through the whole Gospel of Luke.



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Podcast: Settle This and You Settle Everything

If you ever find yourself between a rock and a hard place, take heart. Jesus did – often. The way Jesus handled his “no win” situations is the same way you can handle yours, and come out on top every single time. It all has to do with identity. A right understanding of Who Jesus is will help you land on your feet every single time. Settle this and you settle everything. Your entire life will positively improve.
This message, from Luke 20:20-26, will take your walk with God to the next level – and that will positively impact everything about you, your family, your church and beyond.



This podcast, like all Godfactor resources, is made possible through generous listener and viewer support. And, 100% of your giving goes directly toward helping people around the world discover and enjoy God deeply. You can donate by texting the word “Godfactor” to 50155, by clicking on the “Give” tab on Godfactor.com, or by hitting the “Connect” tab on the Godfactor app.

What would you like to change in your life? This message will help it become reality.

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Podcast: Time for the Real Soution

We cannot leave our current national problems to a future generation to solve. Now is the time. Our nation, and many people and families, have serious problems. The question is, what can we DO about these problems? In this podcast, you’ll learn what’s missing in our lives, families, churches and nation – and how to find it. Listen on the Godfactor App (iTunes or Google Play) or on Godfactor.com. Share it with your friends. Leadership is not simply recognizing the problem – it’s about coming up with the solution to the problem. If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Now is the time for people around our nation to embrace the real solution for the epic problems we are facing. What is it? Listen and find out. Your life, and perhaps this nation, may turn around as a result.

No amount of the wrong solution will compensate for the absence of the right solution. Only God can fill the void that only God was made to fill.This podcast will ignite your life, and show you what we can do at this key time in America’s timeline that will make all the difference in the world.

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Podcast: Why Would He Weep?

Which version of the Bible is best?

Which version of the Bible is best?

Why did Jesus weep – and what is the significance for you and me? This was a tough message to deliver because of what happened to me the night before. But God showed up, true to His reputation. In this brand new podcast, entitled “Why Would He Weep?” you’ll understand Jesus like never before. And, you’ll understand what it means for your life right now.

Enjoy it now on the Godfactor App (iTunes or Google Play) through our  iTunes audio channel, or right here, onGodfactor.com. I always love getting feedback, since it keeps me sharp and encourages others, too. You can share your thoughts at the end of this blog, like all my posts. I do my best to respond to every comment, too.

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How to Prevent Spiritual Stagnation

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“For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come,” (1 Timothy 4:8). It’s good to exercise, and to keep your body in shape. But just as the body gets flabby and out of shape without exercise, the soul can begin to suffer the signs of spiritual atrophy if not intentionally nurtured. Here are some tips on how to exercise your faith, feed your soul, and prevent spiritual atrophy.

[T]HE OLDER I GET, THE MORE I SEE THE CORRELATION BETWEEN NEGLECT AND DEMISE. Simply put, things that get attention grow; things that don’t diminish. If I don’t exercise my body, I get flabby. I begin to have health problems. And, if I don’t feed my soul, the same thing happens, spiritually speaking. My faith grows or declines in proportion to how I neglect or care for it. The things I prioritize in life simply . . . grow. The things I neglect, at best, go away. In the worst-case scenario (which is often frequent), things don’t go away at all – they end up haunting us. I have found that there are indeed a few things that make a significant difference in whether my faith grows or diminishes. I want to share a several with you, because I think they will help you in your journey, too.

1. LIFT PAPER, STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH. Romans 10:17 says “So faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” If you find yourself spiritually flabby, in a funk, if your soul is out of shape, it could be because you have not been in God’s Word. I have found this to be true in my own life; maybe you can relate. Can I expect my faith to grow if I neglect God’s Word, the Bible? No. Not the way it will grow if I am in it. There is a relationship between whether or not I am in the Bible and whether or not I am walking and growing in my faith. Faith comes by hearing the word of Christ, which is the Bible. Lift the pages of Scripture and you will build up your faith, your soul, your spiritual strength.

2. WHEN YOU BUILD OTHERS UP, YOU BUILD YOURSELF UP.  Verse 6 of Philemon says “I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.” There is something about sharing your faith – in any measure – that builds YOU up.  You don’t have to be an evangelist to share your faith. But sharing one’s faith is fundamental to every Christian. If you are not sharing your faith, being a witness for Christ by intentionally looking for ways to share Him in the circle of influence God has given you, you will not grow in your faith the way you otherwise would. Seek to build others up by sharing your faith, and you will also build yourself up.

3. PRIORITIZE WHAT LASTS, NOT WHAT WILL PASS. REMEMBER THAT YOUR SOUL, NOT YOUR BODY, WILL LIVE FOREVER.  1 Timothy 4:8 teaches us that there is indeed benefit in physical exercise, training, working out. But the benefits are temporary because the body is temporary. The one who builds the soul invests in something eternal. Your soul is the most worthy part of who you are, and worth your deliberate, intentional cultivation. As there is physical evidence of physical exercise (sweat, muscle growth, increased oxygen flow, better mental acuity), so there is evidence of spiritual soul-building: the growth of faith, increased trust in God, fuller surrender, peace, reduced anxiety, clarity of thought, power against temptation, freedom, etc.). When you invest in your soul, you invest in yourforever and you invest in the here and now. It’s a great return on your investment that simply can’t be beat. In fact, you may be beaten up, unnecessarily, if you don’t prioritize the building up of your faith. It affects everything.

Your thoughts? I’d love to hear your comments. 

3 Tips On Creating Momentum


Momentum = Driving power or strength.* Right now, you have momentum. It’s just a matter of what kind and to what degree. Creating and sustaining positive momentum takes careful, prayerful tending. Momentum, different than speed, takes time and attention.

We all want momentum – in the right direction. The question is: how do you create and sustain it? Here are three things you can immediately do to create and sustain positive momentum:

1. STOP LIVING LIKE IT’S ALL UP TO YOU. God usually births and develops momentum among groups, or teams, of people. Yes, you might be a key leader – and God may use you to spark momentum in your team or group – but it is not all up to you, alone. If you’re not a team player, you’re not on God’s side of history. The momentum is up to your team, not only you. Take a breath of relief and realize that insight into what comes next may not come from you. And that is a very good, healthy thing. Be open to solutions coming from others. Be open to God using someone else, not just you. In fact, you must do this if you are a leader. If you’re doing God’s work, it’s not just your work.

2. BEHAVE AS IF IT’S ALL UP TO YOU, AND THEN REST AS IF IT’S UP TO SOMEONE ELSE. If a team of people adopt this attitude, momentum is an absolute certainty. Act responsibly. Own up to your God-given potential. Do what you can with what you have. Do ALL you can, as if it ALL depends upon you. Then move on and rest. One secret to creating and sustaining positive momentum is to take personal responsibility for it, and to refuse to allow the outcome – for better or worse – to keep you up at night. Work hard. Work smart. Give it your ALL. And rest in the same way. When you rest, really rest. Rest hard. Give your times of rest ALL you have. Behave as if it’s all up to you, and rest as if everyone else has it under control. 

3. STOP RUNNING WIND-SPRINTS. Life is a marathon, not a series of wind-sprints. In 1 Corinthians 9:24, God says “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.” Pace yourself. Run life like the marathon it is. Exchange your idea that momentum must be created quickly for the idea that momentum that lasts often takes time to create. Yes, there are certain things in life that must be started quickly, but the majority of things that are worthwhile take time to build, time to sustain, and time to enjoy. Pace yourself. If you don’t you’ll soon find yourself on the sidelines. You will have lost your momentum – all because you confused speed with momentum. Momentum is not about speed. Speed is about speed. Momentum is about forward motion. Think about that.

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