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When we think of Good Friday and what Jesus endured on the cross, many of us envision a ring of thorns wrapped around the sides of Jesus’ head. Movies and television almost universally depict the crown that way. Historically, however, that depiction may be inaccurate. The crown of thorns Jesus wore may have looked more like a helmet than a ring, digging into not only the outer part of his scalp, but also His entire head.

The pain would have been excruciating. There are six (6) nerves that encapsulate the human scalp – and they are very sensitive.[1] Aggravated by the piercing of a sharp object, such as a thorn, even more pain could then be inflicted by something as gentle as a gentle breeze. If the scalp were carpeted with thorns, as was most likely the case with Christ, the pain would have been out of this world.

“Don’t confuse being unworthy with being worthless . . . You are worth a GREAT deal to God.”

Fitting that the Son of God, Who was and is out of this world, would endure out-of-this-world pain for you and me. Why? One reason is because you are valuable to God. He doesn’t make junk — and He certainly wouldn’t send His unique, one of a kind Son to die for junk. While He hates your sin, He LOVES you so much that He would send Jesus to take your place. Remember that the next time you think you’re worthless. No, you’re not junk at all. While none of us is worthy of Jesus’ death, we are worth more than we realize. You are worth a great deal to God. Don’t confuse being unworthy with being worthless.

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[1] Nerves of the Human Scalp: Supratrochlear, Supraorbital, Zygomaticotemporal, Auriculotemporal, the Lesser occipital, and the Greater occipital nerve

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