Godfactor founder & president, Michael Anthony. Mike is an author, blogger, Youtuber and award-winning Christian speaker.

Michael Anthony with family.

Michael Anthony is an award winning speaker, author, blogger and pastor, whose words are regularly featured in major publications and news outlets around the world. He is the co-founder and president of Godfactor, the Founder of the National Week of Repentance, and the Lead Pastor of Grace Fellowship in York, Pa. He speaks frequently about the urgent need for a “second Reformation” in the Church, and a new “Great Awakening” in America. Lord willing, his first book will be published by Thomas Nelson, scheduled for release in 2017.

Michael is an outside-the-box, innovative leader who loves people and loves to see them reach their greatest potential.

Hailed as a “modern-day Jonathan Edwards” for speaking truth boldly to to the culture while exhorting the church with equal boldness,  Michael has been called an “extraordinary” communicator with a “teachable” and “humble” spirit.” He began preaching on a train station platform in New Brunswick, New Jersey after a period of brokenness and despair. He is recognized as a voice of “courageous kindness” and is not afraid to lovingly speak about the relevant issues of the day. (For speaking and interview inquiries, click here). For a complete biographical sketch of Michael, click here.

Christian motivational speaker, Michael Anthony

Mike uses his gifts to bring timeless truths to bear on modern, relevant issues. Here, he speaks to a large crowd in the Midwest, to encourage them to rise up with humble courage

Mike has an inspiring comeback story, with three kidnapping attempts against him and several brushes with death, including a battle overcoming cancer. He is passionate about exponential replication – helping people multiply their efforts by teaching others to excel in loving God, surrendering to Him like never before, and leading. He has a special gift to inspire, challenge and motivate people when speaking before live audiences, and globally, through his blog, podcasts and videos, available on Godfactor.com and his personal site, CourageMatters.com.

You can also catch Mike on one of our livestreams. And, he is also heard throughout the United States Mondays-Fridays on the Godfactor radio broadcast to a growing listener audience of about 4-5 million people, and is the Lead Pastor at Grace Fellowship in York, Pennsylvania.

Our nation and world are facing huge challenges and an epic leadership void – both within and outside of the Church. Accordingly, Mike speaks on topics concerning national and world events, leadership and true spiritual awakening (which is so desperately needed at this key time in history). But Mike doesn’t just speak on these topics, God transforms lives as he speaks, showing listeners how to live and lead for such a time as this.

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