We’re happy to say that when you donate to Godfactor, 100% of every gift goes right back into the ministry. Not many ministries can say this, but we’re glad we can. Michael Anthony, Godfactor founder, is happy to say that he doesn’t receive as much as a single dime from any donation. Your giving helps provide all our free resources like our podcasts and upcoming livestreams, keeps our website up and running smoothly, supports our small staff, and so much more.

And, since Godfactor is a non-profit, charitable organization, your gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. You can even donate stocks, bonds, automobiles, boats and real estate. To find out how, just contact us.

You can give now by texting the word “Godfactor” to 50155, or simply click here to set up your giving any way you like. You’ll also receive an immediate receipt for your giving each time it recurs, making it easy for you to keep accurate records.

Thank you so much for your sacrificial giving!



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